DUE is aimed at exploring the impacts of urgent contemporary topics upon architecture – opening up the discussions a broader field of contributors across art, politics, philosophy and contemporary writing.
A weekly publication is a paradoxical medium. The format suggests that the content is bound to the present with urgent information and material – similar to a newspaper. The reality however is one where the authors are required to write something with a short deadline.

All covers of DUE published until now.

Scribblings on the side of the desk become elevated to the news of the week. Within this economy of time the ability to embrace the unexpected, the ad hoc, becomes not only a necessity but also a quality of the medium.
In a time where most of our news comes through social media, predominantly instagramable and tweet sized, DUE is interested in single images and short texts – physically distributed.

DUE, 7 Apr 2017 – THE IDEAL AA by Alessandro Bava.

DUE, 7 Oct 2016 – MANIFESTO.

Digital distribution of information, news, and knowledge is outpacing the remains of physical distribution; ‘fake news’ is redefining how we trust words. DUE is particularly interested in these new ideas of trust – engaging with the notion of ambiguity over the typical dichotomy of real: fake. Perhaps these new fictions, territories and questions become ‘real’ overtime through weekly printing and archiving.

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